Sunday, August 15, 2010

Welcome to The Senseitions

Hello, readers! I'm assuming most of you found your way here from one of our old blogs, School of ROK (from our time in Korea) or The Educated Burgher (from our time in Scotland). For you folks, we probably need no introduction.

For anyone else, here's what you need to know. My wife and I have been living overseas since 2007, when we started teaching at Asia Pacific International School in Seoul. (In fact, we still show up on some of those slide shows!)

After two years in Korea, we moved to Scotland, where we both did one-year postgraduate degrees at the University of Edinburgh. Mine was in a quirky little corner of the humanities known as book history (ie, the history of writing, reading, publishing, etc). Nana's was in the history of material objects, with a special emphasis on the history of clothing. I tell you this because it might explain some of our more eclectic fixations. You'll also notice that we're batty about history and language--and we absolutely love to eat.

Beyond this, our blogs are probably the best way to get to know us. So as this one grows, please check out our old blogs, too. Comments are always open and suggestions always welcome. Enjoy!

About our Name: Please excuse the punning--it's just something we do. "Sensei" is Japanese for "teacher," and all the Jane Austen puns were already taken!

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