Saturday, June 11, 2011

Melon Milk: Justin & Nana Drink Weird Stuff for Your Entertainment

They're big on flavored milk here in Asia. Besides the classic chocolate milk and the not-too-out-there caramel milk, you can also find fruit milks flavored with apple, peach, and even melon.

This week, while reeling from the onslaught of minor crises that's part and parcel of the last days of school, Nana and I decided to try some melon milk we found at the Daiei, our go-to supermarket.

No doubt about it: the container is prominently marked with the katakana for melon. However, we weren't 100% certain this would be melon milk rather than melon yogurt, as the bottle was right on the border between the milk and yogurt sections.
It was milk, after all.
Not bad, in fact. A bit rich for an actual drink, as I can't imagine it going well with any food (except, maybe, melon), but it made a pretty good snack.