Friday, February 1, 2013

Cptain Aquriam

We had a PTA potluck tonight, and the prospect of squillions ownerless paper cups. The obvious solution is to put names on the paper cups. Yet I am not a big fan of putting my actual name on things (not that Nana is my actual name anyway) - not when there are so many magnificent names out there to be had, and so tragically few opportunities to dub myself with them.

Me, to fourth grader with pen: "Does it have to be my real name?"
Fourth grader: "I guess not..."
Me: "I mean, I want something cooler than my regular old name. Something awesome, or heroic. Like a superhero name."
Other fourth grader: Captain Aquarium!


Thursday, January 31, 2013

In Which Dan and Kath Meet Some Monkeys

In addition to all the temples and shrines and palaces and other priceless cultural properties, Kyoto is also home to the Arashiyama Monkey Park, the hilltop home of a couple troops of Japanese macaques. (You can get all the details in our previous post about the park.)

By the river on the way to the park.

Dan was naturally every bit as amused by the troop of chattering, skittish Japanese schoolchildren.

(Note: Nana's not being camera shy here - she took some time off from sightseeing to rest and catch up on her grading.)