Saturday, December 8, 2012

Earthquake/ smaller tsunami: again not Fukuoka

Per a request from a parent, we're letting you know that last night's (December 7 or 8, depending on your time zone) earthquake and tsunami were not in our area, but rather yet more suffering for the people up in Tohoku. Current reports say 11 injuries and one missing. I can't imagine the trauma of having to go through an evacuation like that all over again.

I know a lot of places are in need now but if this inspires you to give to Japan, I still recommend Architecture for Humanity ( Our school also worked with OGA For Aid ( and I can confirm that they are doing good work too.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Photo post - Aso trip, together

Justin and I went south with our friends a few weeks ago, and recently we swapped photographs. (By "swapped," of course I mean they gave us theirs, and we have not gotten organized enough to give them ours). It was so nice to see pictures of Justin and me together, and especially candid shots. We almost never have pictures like that.

If you read our blog for travel highlights, you probably won't get much from this post. This one's for relatives, especially Team Justin's Family, who never really get as many pictures of him.

Cheese! Thanks again to friends George and Corina for the pictures!