Monday, September 6, 2010

Reversible Seats on the Commuter Train

Last Saturday, Nana and I took a day trip to Dazaifu to check out a big monthly flea market and to visit the National Museum of Kyushu. (Post coming soon.)

On the local commuter train, we spotted a nifty little piece of Japanese engineering: seats that switch directions, so that passengers can choose whether to face forward or backwards, or to make little four-person bunches.

Nana demonstrates in this video:

Neat, huh?


  1. Don't get too excited - we've had those on the NJ Transit trains since I was a small child. Dunno who thought of it first though! I am always a fan.

  2. So I should have called them a nifty piece of Joisey engineering? :-)

    Still, given their awesomeness, I don't understand why I've never seen them anywhere else!