Monday, September 20, 2010

Singapore Subway: Train is coming!

I have a huge post to write and put up about more Singapore food, but I thought maybe you guys could use a change of pace from Justin and me incessantly describing what we eat. The truth of the matter is that we work very long hours - we get to work by 7:30 and if we have to leave before 5:30 in order to free up our classrooms for after-school classes, then we keep working when we get home. As much as we like things like flea markets and museums, they're usually closed by the time we're free. Restaurants fit into our schedules much better.

BUT. Wendy and my gallivanting about Singapore in pursuit of said food would not have been possible without the support of the delightful Singapore subway system. This is a subway system that cares. It does not, for instance, wish for you to strip off your clothes to create a lasso in pursuit of an item dropped on the tracks:

Whether this is about your likelihood of getting hit by a train or the way you look in your jockeys is up for debate.

They also are deeply concerned about queuing. Singapore is a bit schizophrenic here. As a former British colony, Singapore favors polite waiting, but it is also a country ethnically dominated by East Asians (Chinese), a country in which queuing is generally perceived as a sign of weakness. (See my post from The Educated Burgher contrasting Scottish and Korean queuing styles for more details).

Consequently the subway has concentrated a great deal of effort in increasing queuing courtesy. This includes posters:

Stickers featuring women who got their makeup done at the Project Runway drag queen episode:

and a jingle!

I think "Train is Coming" is my second favorite random Asian song, behind the Korean entry, "Sweet Home Forever" (theme song for the HomeEver brand of grocery stores). Japan, you better get cracking!


  1. That jingle is hilarious!!! STOP working such long hours...OR STOP taking work home!!!

  2. Loved rereading the Educated Burgher post!
    What happens, by the way, to Queue Jumpers?