Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tenjin Food Stalls

As we've mentioned before, Fukuoka is well-known throughout Japan as a great place to eat. Travel guides seem to be especially sanguine about the array of food stalls along the river between Tenjin and Nakasu-Kawabata, right in the heart of Fukuoka's downtown.

Nana and I finally made it to the food stalls last weekend for a quick meal of tempura and yakitori. Here are a few shots from the trip.
Nana liked that cow.
The ones on the bottom are balls of squid meat.
Fried veggies.
The bright lights of Tenjin.

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  1. Very pretty! (The sights *and* the food! ... and Nana of course!... "pretty" isn't exactly the word I would use for Justin, no offense meant however)