Sunday, December 5, 2010

Christmastime in Canal City

Canal City Hakata is probably Fukuoka's most famous mall: it's a big, labyrinthine construction with outdoor promenades and a big spherical performance space that looks like something out of Dr. Robotnik's lab. We wrote about the place in a post back in August.

For various reasons (which include a sweater vest and a co-worker who plays piano in the Hyatt on the weekends), we've been down to Canal City a few times the last couple weeks. They've really decked the place out for the Christmas season, which is purely a commercial holiday here in Japan (any excuse to shop), in stark contrast to the almost entirely religious celebration we saw in Korea.

Anyway, here are some shots from a very festive Canal City.

Nana eats a hard-earned brownie & ice cream crepe in front of . . . I don't know, some kind of snow palace bridge maze? (Did I mention that Canal City has an ornamental canal running through it?)
Cleaning up after glitter rained down on the Dr. Robotnik stage.
At regular intervals, this pool of water erupts into a fountain show synchronized to holiday music. "Sleigh Ride" seems to be a favorite here: we hear it EVERYWHERE.
We never did figure out what was in this strange mushroom hut, which was also suspended over the water.
A video of an odd little musical display set up at one of the two minor stages at either end of the mall:

In related news, we're into the final push before Christmas break (!), so don't be surprised if you don't hear much from us this week.


  1. Please note that these pictures were taken in November, and I am wearing a sweatshirt. This is less than I had to wear to be comfortable in Edinburgh on most days in July.

  2. Also note than Nana was dressed up for a fancy Holiday girls' lunch this weekend as well!