Saturday, March 12, 2011

Thanks for the comments

To everyone,

We are so glad that our post ended up providing so much comfort to so many people. We're glad so many of your loved ones are safe, but so sorry that that's not the case for a lot of people today. Thank you for keeping all of us in Japan in your thoughts.

For those of you seeking more information, I suggest the New York Times map at

Wendy who posted asking for information on our previous post - as your friend is from Saga-ken on Kyushu, the family was probably fine as long as they were at home. We will think of them.



  1. I discovered your blog while searching for information on Fukuoka and the tsunami. It was the first, best source for what was going on, for which I thank you very much. My interest in Fukuoka stems from being related to one of the people at your school.

    I have since read well into your archive and find the writing delightful, articulate and just all around fun. Keep up the good work (Oh, and say "Hi" to Kurt.)

  2. Hi, Kurt's Dad! We are glad the blog was able to alleviate concerns for you. It has been very surreal with life going on as usual here, knowing what the north of the country is experiencing.

    We'll say hi to Kurt for you!