Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Warm Welcome in Fukuoka, after a Long Trip Home.

Got back to Fukuoka last night to a pleasant surprise: the weather had finally turned!

The return trip itself, however, was less than pleasant. It basically took us two days to get back from Puerto Princesa: a Friday evening flight back to Manila, a night at the Manila Airport Hotel (more later), a Saturday morning flight to Taipei, then finally, after a long layover, a flight from Taipei to Fukuoka.

To make matters worse, I spent Friday night and most of Saturday with what Nana and I have dubbed a case of  MacArthur's Return. (The Philippino version of Montezuma's Revenge--there's an explanation of the MacArthur, but it's definitely not family-friendly.)

Probably had something to do with consuming three (delicious) mango shakes in the span of about twelve hours. Lesson learned!

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