Friday, February 1, 2013

Cptain Aquriam

We had a PTA potluck tonight, and the prospect of squillions ownerless paper cups. The obvious solution is to put names on the paper cups. Yet I am not a big fan of putting my actual name on things (not that Nana is my actual name anyway) - not when there are so many magnificent names out there to be had, and so tragically few opportunities to dub myself with them.

Me, to fourth grader with pen: "Does it have to be my real name?"
Fourth grader: "I guess not..."
Me: "I mean, I want something cooler than my regular old name. Something awesome, or heroic. Like a superhero name."
Other fourth grader: Captain Aquarium!


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  1. Did I write that?????? Or is the kid related to me somehow????