Saturday, March 16, 2013

ZOMG, Candy! features TheSenseitions

Our college friend Rosa (she was in the marching band with us; metaphorical pouring-out of one for the grand old YPMB) maintains an excellent candy blog at ZOMG, Candy! We've sent her oddities from our Asia adventures before; in fact, we got her on Google's top three search results for "crunky nude balls." Our mothers are so very proud.

Some previous candy crossovers:
Weird kit-kats #1: TheSenseitions; ZOMG, Candy! (Wasabi, Sweet Potato)
Okinawa Shikwasa Hi-Chew
Okinawa Brown Sugar candy
Korean Candy: chocolate-covered peanuts, Lotte Pepero, Crunch Ball Crispy Candy, various Hi-Chews (actually from Japan and picked up in an airport), and the legendary Crunky Nude Balls.

So we - or rather, my aforementioned mother, whom I now owe $5 postage - sent Rosa some candy during our winter trip home. She put up her reviews a long time ago but I just got organized enough to actually do this post linking to them. We now have:

Candied Yuzu Peel
Kabosu (cabos lime) Caramels
and another Kit-Kat review, Kyoto Yatsuhashi.

Finally, if you'd like to see Justin take a shot at Kit-Kat reviewing, check out the old blog posts on Citrus Blend Kit-Kats and Hojicha (tea-flavored) Kit-Kats.

Have a sweet day!

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  1. I think Crunky Nude Balls are my most-visited post ever. Always always lots of gratitude to y'all for putting me on the Crunky Nude Ball map! And of course for all the delicious treats.