Friday, April 26, 2013

A wrinkle in space-time

Riding home tonight, I stopped to avoid a confused little girl, who then turned around and backed into my stationary tire. The mother told her, "Nana, be careful!" I said, "Her name is Nana? MY name is ALSO Nana!" Then Mom and I agreed that this was pretty "Sugoi," or "Wow."

I feel like if I had run her over, in addition to all other legal issues, I might have created the sort of space-time paradox of which sci-fi misadventures are made. Also the unraveling of universes. Better not to take the chance.

Japanese lesson:
(O-namae wa Nana desu ka?)
Name (subj) Nana is (question)?
Is her name Nana?
Watashi no namae mo Nana desu!
I-possessive name also Nana is!
My name is Nana too!

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