Sunday, September 12, 2010

Nana Drinks Weird Stuff For Your Entertainment: F&N Seasons Soya Bean Drink

I am so glad I chose this, because the guy at the register was speaking Chinese to the lady beside me, and so I busted out some rusty Mandarin to ask how much things cost, thereby leading to the lady telling me I had a Beijing accent. I had to ask why, because what I mostly associate with the Beijing accent is the tendency to put a really nasally "r" sound on the end of words ending in vowels, wherein, for instance, "chu-kou," or exit, becomes "chu-KAAAARRRRR." Justin finds this accent hilarious and has actually trained his ear to identify Beijingers in airport lounges without understanding a single word of their conversation.

To the best of my knowledge, I have never produced such a sound, except in deliberate imitation. So I had to know why she thought I sounded Beijing-y. She said it was my pitch more than anything else. Apparently Singaporean Chinese speakers speak very low in their vocal register, whereas mainland Chinese use a higher-pitched voice.

But back to the drink. Soya Bean Drink. What does it taste like?

It tastes like you took mochi (the Japanese rice cake), threw it in a blender, and cut it with some soy milk. Creamy and smooth, sweet but not sugary. A very thick and hearty beverage, almost more snack than drink. Not at all offensive, but not at all something I felt the need to add to my evening's tally after wreaking caloric havoc across Little India. Didn't finish, but might buy if I lived here and was hungry between meals.

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  1. Good taste, replacement for meat, meat, and meat!...